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Easy to Use Software

The ChargePoint software connects each charging station to the ChargePoint network.

With this software, you gain the control and flexibility you need to optimize the performance of your EV charging operations  Easy to use reporting functions allow you to monitor and track charging station usage and costs.  This information helps you create viable pricing structures for charging services and incentives to inspire driver loyalty.  This reporting and management of your stations is all done remotely using intuitive Web-based dashboards.

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Even if you already have a standalone EV charging station, or one on a smaller network, you can switch over to ChargePoint’s software.

Features and Benefits of the ChargePoint Network

  • Open network—available to all drivers, even non-subscribers
  • Accepts ChargePass card, credit cards and other network smart cards
  • Allows for additional revenue stream
  • Mobile apps, web services and GPS devices locate stations for drivers
  • Drivers can get text or email notification when charging is complete
  • Stations can be monitored and controlled remotely
  • Comprehensive reporting on usage and revenue generation
  • Customer Support available 24/7 via toll free number
  • Completely programmable for future upgrades
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display: bright and easy to read

ChargePoint’s simple to use software easily puts you in charge of your stations and maximizes the information feedback loop seamlessly.

  • Build your policies once and apply to stations in seconds
  • As you bring new stations online, simply apply the policies
  • If you need to change a policy, just change it in one place for all stations

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