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The ChargePoint Network

The ChargePoint Network is the largest network of EV charging stations in the world.  Simply put, this means that more drivers use ChargePoint Network stations more than any other network.  And that means that they will find you when they are looking for a station.

The sophisticated network enables drivers to locate your station via a website, or using a mobile app or gps device.  Depending on how you configure your station, drivers can tell if a station is occupied or available, and they can reserve it if that option is available.  They can plan their activities around EV charger availability, which means more time in your location!

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Benefits to Station Owners

As a station owner, the network offers vast opportunities to promote your business.  By supporting EV drivers, you establish your company as environmentally friendly.  By attracting EV drivers, you increase visits as well as lengthen the visit.  It’s a win-win situation!  You can even program your charger to display advertising messages to your customers.

With ChargePoint, you gain the control and flexibility you need to optimize the performance of your EV charging operations, monitor and track charging station usage and costs, create viable pricing structures for charging services and inspire driver loyalty.

Using a combination of standards-based protocols and wide-area communications technologies, ChargePoint’s open platform integrates seamlessly with station hardware from multiple manufacturers, connecting stations over an intelligent network that provides valuable, real-time information about your charging stations.

ChargePoint lets you manage stations remotely using intuitive Web-based dashboards.  You can use ChargePoint to track station usage and energy costs, set pricing, process payments and deliver 24×7 driver support.



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