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Retail EV Charging Stations

Set the Standard

Lead the green initiative in the retail sector by adding EV charging stations. Early adopters are going to get early users and will become part of the EV driver’s routine. By the time the other retail outlets start adding EV stations, you will be long established and relied upon by your customers.

Attract New EV Customers

EV drivers need to shop and eat. And they need to charge their EVs when they do. Why not invite them to your retail location by installing a ChargePoint station? When planning their travel route, your charge station will appear on the ChargePoint station locater on their smart phone or web search. By hosting EVs you’ll get customers that may otherwise shop and eat elsewhere.

Extend Customer Visit Time

Once customers find you and plug in, they’re likely to linger a little bit longer as their vehicle gets a full charge. That translates to additional revenue for you!

Increase Revenue

You have the option of providing free charging to your customers which encourages them to spend more money with you. Or you can choose to charge for service and have fees automatically collected and seamlessly transferred to your bank account.

Valuable Data Collection

You can collect usage information on your station usage and on the users. Use it to manage your station as well as offer discounts and specials to your customers to entice them back!

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