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Municipal EV Charging StationEV Charging for Municipalities

Municipal Applications

Community Sustainability

The best way for a community to promote sustainability efforts is to practice them! With more municipalities adopting clean EV technology, chargers are a must-have to keep the fleet running. Not only official vehicles benefit, but employees and citizens can access the charging stations. This accessibility to EV chargers is the best promotion for electric vehicles.

Variable Billing and Rights Granting

ChargePoint offers the flexibility to set your own charging structure and fee schedule. Simple step-by-step setup of the system allows you to determine who pays and how much they pay. The billing is handled by ChargePoint with no effort required on your part.

 Multiple Administrators

ChargePoint’s cloud based technology requires no additional IT staffing, and lets you have multiple administrators inside your organization. ChargePoint’s 24/7 customer service line ensures that there is always someone available to handle technical issues.

 Compatibility with Existing Hardware

If you already have EV charging stations installed but they are not on the ChargePoint network, we can upgrade them for you. By joining the ChargePoint network, you increase the functionality of the stations and make them available to a wider audience, increase your reporting capacity, and reap the benefits of the mobile app and website functions such as scheduling, reservations, billing, etc.

Additional Revenue Streams

Charging stations can be strategically located as to entice people to park in premium spots, where you can charge accordingly. You set the rates and ChargePoint handles the billing seamlessly.

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