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EV Charging Solutions for Mult-Unit Dwellings

Multi Unit Dwelling Electric Vehicle ChargingEV Charging Station
Owning and managing MDUs is a competitive business. Setting yourself apart requires staying current with the needs of tenants and offering something your competitors don’t, so you can protect or even increase occupancy rates. EV charging is an amenity that will be in high demand in the near future, but how can you deliver this service with minimum IT resources, and without driving up costs?

ChargePoint supports a variety of charging stations from different manufacturers along with streamlined management capabilities to simplify your EV charging operations and maximize your ROI. The platform provides everything you need to offer charging services, including 24×7 station-side driver support, and rights granting to offload tasks such as station maintenance and billing. Plus, you can set up your EV charging service exactly as you like, to track consumption by tenant, manage costs and increase your profitability.

  • Attract quality tenants with EV charging.
  • Deploy ChargePoint quickly, without additional IT staff, and let the solution handle all payment processing and funds transfer for you.
  • Ensure a good experience for your tenants with around-the-clock support at the station, and automatic notifications via text or email.
  • Price on a pay-for-usage basis without the need to connect to tenant utility meters, and provide different payment options, such as a ChargePoint card or credit card, or included with rent.
  • Set your fee structures by time, session or energy dispensed. Set fees differently by driver or group, station, or time of day.
  • Integrate with your building management system to selectively reduce energy dispensed.
  • Minimize costs and maximize profits with detailed analytics.


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