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EV Charging Stations at Google Headquarters

Google offers EV charging to employees.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station at GM HQ

EV Charger at GM Headquarters

Corporate / Workplace Charging Stations

Set the Standard Lead the green initiative as an employer by adding EV charging stations for your employees and guests to use. Potential EV buyers will become actual EV owners when they know they can recharge their car at work. Just as the addition of more gas stations made combustion engines more widespread, the addition of new EV chargers will make EVs more realistic and accessible for the average person.

Attract New EV Employees Employees need to know they can conveniently charge their EVs during the workday. Decision about employment could hinge on charging access. As more EVs are purchased, these decisions will become more frequent.

Enhance Public Image As a forward thinking employer, you will be recognized as an environmentally conscious organization. As new employees embracing eco-friendly lifestyles enter the workforce, you will be positioned to meet their ideals of decreasing environmental impact from carbon emissions.

Meet Sustainability Objectives The thorough ChargePoint data collection and reporting system offers multiple benefits in the area of sustainability and usage. On the sustainability end, the in-depth reports allow you to track greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with your corporate goals to reduce impact. Your organization can earn LEEDs points as well.

Collect Data for Benefits Reporting Only ChargePoint gives such in-depth reporting to allow you to quantify employee benefits realized by EV charging for tax purposes.

Driver Convenience and Notification Drivers can sign on to the ChargePoint system and customize their notifications so that they receive an email or text message when their EV is done charging. They can also check ahead for availability and reservations, depending on how you structure access to the system.

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